Soil Biology Testing Class

Soil Biology Testing Class

Saturday, December 1, from 11:00am til 4:00pm

The Sierra Soil Biology Association promotes knowledge and development of the soil foodweb — that complete spectrum of microscopic life that cycles nutrients through soil as nature intended.

Why develop a healthy foodweb in your soil?
– Maximize plant quality and production, with no synthetic inputs.
– Eradicate diseases and pests — without pesticides, of any kind.
– Liberate plants to express themselves, fully and consistently.

These goals are possible because in biologically rich soil, plants can feed themselves — and thereby fulfill their potential for health and vitality. Through a vast mosaic of complex relationships and communities, microbes and plants nourish one another in ways we have only begun to understand.

However, thanks to a growing number of farmers and biologists — foremost among them the esteemed Dr. Elaine Ingham — the big picture is clear: healthy soil requires a particular range and diversity of microbial life. Our job is to nurture it by the most efficient means possible.

SSBA is here to help.

There is no cost, but a phone RSVP is appreciated: (530) 292-9000.

Taught by Wesley Sander, and held at Sweetland Garden Mercantile:
29435 State Highway 49, North San Juan, CA 95960

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